Study Data

Strong Heart Study data are shared with researchers following Resource and Data Sharing Policies, which include review and approval from the Strong Heart Steering Committee and Strong Heart Study participating tribes.   The participating tribes of the Strong Heart Study continue to follow established protocols for Resource and Data Sharing to efficiently review and approve data requests which include those from ancillary and sub-studies, as well as authors of approved paper proposals.   

Please refer to the following documents for additional information:

Data and Summary Statistics Request Policy

Data Matrix : Please reference this summary to determine which procedures and interviews were conducted during each phase of the SHS.

Request SHS Data  :  Please complete this Online Data Request Submission to request SHS data.

Summary Statistics

Summary statistics of SHS data may be requested by submitting a detailed description to the SHS Steering Committee for review and approval.   The description must include the purpose of the request and describe in detail the summary statistics needed.   

Request SHS Summary Statistics : Please complete this online intake form to request SHS summary statistics.

Strong Heart Study Data Book : A Report to American Indians Communities