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Study Samples

Strong Heart Study specimens are shared with researchers following Resource and Data Sharing Policies, which include review and approval from the Strong Heart Steering Committee and Strong Heart Study participating tribes. Study specimens can only be requested through an approved sub-study or ancillary study proposal.

Please refer to the following documents for additional information:

Study Sample Request and Storage Policy (PDF)

Study Sample Repository

Penn Medical Laboratory in MedStar Health Research Institute is the custodian for plasma, serum, urine and DNA samples of participants in the Strong Heart Study, and plasma, serum and urine samples of participants of the Strong Heart Family Study. The Genetics Core Laboratory at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute is the custodian for nucleic acid samples from the Strong Heart Family Study. Please refer to the Study Sample Request Policy for additional information.

Request SHS Study Samples : Please complete this Online Intake Form to request SHS specimens.