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Phase VI

Phase VI is continuing the mortality and morbidity surveillance of the original SHS cohort and of the SHFS participants to better understand cardiovascular disease, cancer, liver disease, and inflammation in American Indians. All surviving participants are being invited to participate in Phase VI and fill out a medical history questionnaire after a written consent is given. Their medical records are then reviewed and pertinent information is abstracted for morbidity and mortality events that are suspected to relate to the diseases of interest. The abstracted information is reviewed by physicians on the Morbidity and Mortality Review Committees to determine whether the event is related to cardiovascular disease, cancer, liver disease, etc. Incidence rates and prevalence proportions of these health conditions as well as their risk factors, including genetic factors, will be determined from analyses of the data collected in Phase VI and those collected in Phases I-V.

Phase VI Manual of Operations (PDF)

Phase VI Data Forms (PDF)

Phase VI Data Dictionary (PDF)