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Directory of Investigators

Strong Heart Study Steering Committee
Chair :  Shelley Cole ( ) Ph: 210-258-9688
Vice-Chair : Tauqeer Ali (

Strong Heart Study Administrative Committee
Chair: Dr. Shelley Cole ( Ph: 210-258-9688

Arizona Field Center and Core Laboratory
Dr. Jason Deen (
Dr. Barbara Howard (
Dr. Ana Navas-Acien (
Dr. Nawar Sharar (
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jason Umans (
Medstar Research Institute

Dakotas Field Center
Dr. Lyle Best (
Dr. Richard Fabsitz (
Principal Investigator: Dr. Amanda Fretts (
Missouri Breaks Industries Research, Inc

Oklahoma Coordinating and Field Centers
Principal Investigator of Field Center: Dr. Tauqeer Ali (
Dr. Elisa Lee (
Dr. Dorothy Rhoades (
Principal Investigator of Coordinating Center: Dr. Ying Zhang (
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC)

Cornell University ECG and Ultrasound Reading Center
Principal Investigator: Dr. Richard Devereux (
Dr. Ingrid Hriljac (
Dr. Alexander Merkler (
Dr. Santosh Murthy (
Dr. Peter Okin (
Dr. Mary Roman (
Dr. Parmanand Singh (
The New York Presbyterian Hospital
Weill Medical College of Cornell Medical Center

Strong Heart Study Genetics Center
Principal Investigator: Dr. Shelley Cole ( Ph: 210-258-9688
Dr. Karin Haack (
Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Collaborating Centers and Laboratories



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