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Community Educational Brochures

Strong Heart Study Data Book : A Report to American Indians Communities.*

*The Data Book, published in 2001, provides an overview of enrollment, demographics, mortality, morbidity, knowledge of CVD factors, biologic risk factors for CVD, diabetes prevalence and diabetes-related variables, and environmental and lifestyle risk factors based on information collected during Phase I.

The Strong Heart Study investigators have developed a series of community education brochures focused on cardiovascular health.

Understanding Blood Fats (Brochure

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease (Brochure)

Diet and You (Brochure)

Genetics and You (Brochure)

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) (Brochure)

Kidney (Renal) Disease (Brochure)

Metabolic Syndrome (Brochure)

Physical Activity and You (Brochure)