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SHS Morbidity and Mortality Surveillance

The participants of the Strong Heart Study and Strong Heart Family Study are monitored in an on-going fashion to identify deaths and to determine causes of those deaths. Deaths are documented and abstracted whenever recognized by the Center staff. Of the original members of the Phase I cohort and the Family Study participants, it is estimated that as of February 15, 2019 (beginning of Phase VII), 3,174 surviving individuals are eligible for mortality surveillance for Phase VII.


MM Surveillance Data Management Manual

MM Surveillance - Operations Manual

MM Surveillance - SHS ICD9 and ICD10crosswalk

Other Documents :

MM Fillable Forms - All 

Morbidity Final Decision Form-Fillable

Morbidity Decision Supplemental Forms-Fillable

Mortality Final Decision Form-Fillable

Informant Interview-death at home-Fillable

Stroke Supplemental Form-Fillable